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10 bandeja de extensão dos cílios, roupas aplicação

Remendo Cowboy

C2336-c2348. Hz0010. Adesivo abelha. Army green/gray. D-050. C5825-c5830. Five-pointed star. Dragão de ferro patches para vestuário. Vestido bordado. Dz-285-10. 19cm l x5cm w. Strass em tecido. Black and pink. Barris personalizada. Fries, donuts, heart-shaped, pineapple, milk, smoothies, hamburgers. Using method: 18x21cm. Noruega bandeira remendo. 

Jaqueta De Punk

T1805. Coconut trees,watermelon,pineapple,orange... C947-c962. Lábios do bebê. 21*15 cm. Woven label. Remendo bordado applique. Name: Wholesale cristal têxtil. Mix colors or choose colors. 12*5cm. 10pcs/packing. 

Para Roupas De Patch Bordado

About5cm(length)*11cm(width). 17032203. Iron on patch. Name: Office worker, labor, the old people. 2.6*9.5cm, 7.5*5.5cm, 8cm, 8*5cm. Acessórios de costura enfeites... borlas. China manufacturer. Yellow white brown brown 6# 7# black 8# dark grayish blue white orange. 23*23.5cm. Wholesale googely olhos. Lace collar   t2146. Patches for clothing & bags & hats. 2"-13" wide. Size: : Approx 37x 14cm. 27*22  cm. 

Adesivos Motocicleta

Sunflower. Roupas etiqueta. Northern europe flag. Arab numbers. Made in china. 72x72mmEach small pack capacity: Logotipo vingador. See the choose. L-016. Wholesale emblema do tom. Applique gato. Q23q72. Patches águia. Patches bordados. Gigabit ethernet. Dança. Xx-p-001. Badges for clothes,clothing embroidered patch

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  1. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  2. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  3. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  4. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  5. girlsluvbeyonce:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z Out in East London (Oct. 15) 


  6. Anonymous asked: Fav song ever?

    EVER, ever? 

    Mmmm, I’d say Dangerously in Love 1 AND 2 (so much behind that song for me personally)

    But I will never say a have ONE favorite Bey song. My top is always changing aorund


  7. gollumcat asked: Idk if this is in your FAQ (I'm on mobile) but what is your favorite album of Beyoncé?

    I love them all, because I appreciate each one of them differently, but I have a really special love for B'Day


  8. Anonymous asked: Hey, love your blog :) Can you tell me please where I can watch th roseland concert 💋



  9. Beyoncé was wearing N.W.A custom tank top, Simone Rocha tartan ruffle pencil skirt and Prada Saffiano hibiscus bag 


  10. Beyoncé was wearing Roots of Fight Jack Johnson t-shirt, Moynat Paris x Pharrell Williams train clutch and Azzedine Alaïa leather lace-up boots 


  11. honeybeys:

    blue saying “mOMMY MOMMY”

    and beyoncé: “you okay there baby?”


    (via hellyeahbeyonce)



  13. photograbey:

    Beyoncé and Jay Z @ the Arts Cub in London (October 14th, 2014)

    (via adoringbeyonce)


  14. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé and Jay Z in London (Oct 14)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce, via adoringbeyonce)


  15. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyonce at La Gare Du Nord train station in Paris, France (Oct. 14)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)