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  1. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  2. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  3. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  4. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z out in East, London (Oct. 15)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)


  5. girlsluvbeyonce:

    Beyoncé & Jay Z Out in East London (Oct. 15) 


  6. Anonymous asked: Fav song ever?

    EVER, ever? 

    Mmmm, I’d say Dangerously in Love 1 AND 2 (so much behind that song for me personally)

    But I will never say a have ONE favorite Bey song. My top is always changing aorund


  7. gollumcat asked: Idk if this is in your FAQ (I'm on mobile) but what is your favorite album of Beyoncé?

    I love them all, because I appreciate each one of them differently, but I have a really special love for B'Day


  8. Anonymous asked: Hey, love your blog :) Can you tell me please where I can watch th roseland concert 💋



  9. Beyoncé was wearing N.W.A custom tank top, Simone Rocha tartan ruffle pencil skirt and Prada Saffiano hibiscus bag 


  10. Beyoncé was wearing Roots of Fight Jack Johnson t-shirt, Moynat Paris x Pharrell Williams train clutch and Azzedine Alaïa leather lace-up boots 


  11. honeybeys:

    blue saying “mOMMY MOMMY”

    and beyoncé: “you okay there baby?”


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  13. photograbey:

    Beyoncé and Jay Z @ the Arts Cub in London (October 14th, 2014)

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  14. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyoncé and Jay Z in London (Oct 14)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce, via adoringbeyonce)


  15. beyoncefashionstyle:

    Beyonce at La Gare Du Nord train station in Paris, France (Oct. 14)

    (Source: girlsluvbeyonce)